Cynthia Mills

Life as a Fire Wife - Cynthia Mills writes about her life as the spouse of a South Carolina firefighter. She shares personal stories as a spouse and auxiliary member.

  • Mills: Fire Safety at our Cabin in the Woods

    By Cynthia Mills - Wednesday June 4, 2014
    Fire safety and prevention…I was thinking about this yesterday. Yes, my good friend and fire prevention specialist at our department, Firefighter/Engineer Daniel Byrne , would be so proud of me.  But honestly, I was thinking about it because we...
  • Mills: A Talk With His Battalion Chief: Words I've Never Heard Before

    By Cynthia Mills - Wednesday March 26, 2014
    Last shift, my firefighter was acting battalion chief because his BC, along with much of the rest of the department, was out of town at a week-long training. I was at the station that Sunday evening cooking dinner for the crew, when his BC returned from...
  • Fire Wives Meet at Firehouse World

    By Cynthia Mills - Sunday March 2, 2014
    Wow…Firehouse World.  What a week!  “What?” some of you might ask.  “You’re only a firefighter’s wife.  What would Firehouse World matter to you?” But, you would be so wrong to think like this.  There were actually many, many...
  • Mills: Winter Weather Creates Hunker Down Mode

    By Cynthia Mills - Thursday January 30, 2014
    I’m hunkered down on a frigid winter’s night. All of my girls and my fireman are here with me. I feel like a kid ditching school. Shouldn’t I be working, teaching, or doing one of the many things on my forever to-do list? Maybe, but instead I am...
  • Mills: Frequent Flyers are a Constant in a Fire Wife's Life Too

    By Cynthia Mills - Monday December 16, 2013
    Every department has frequent flyers. Heck, every station has their individual frequent flyers. Yes, even though I’m not on an engine or responding to calls, I’m married to someone who is. By default, throughout the years I feel like I’ve come to...
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