Cynthia Mills

Life as a Fire Wife - Cynthia Mills writes about her life as the spouse of a South Carolina firefighter. She shares personal stories as a spouse and auxiliary member.

  • Mills: Stopping Ripping Your Men to Shreds

    By Cynthia Mills - Monday August 25, 2014
    Listen up ladies: stop ripping your men to shreds, especially in public! This is a huge, huge pet peeve of mine. I cannot stand to see a woman publicly berate, humiliate, degrade, insult, and dominate her man. Of course, I would never approve of...
  • Mills: Fire Safety at our Cabin in the Woods

    By Cynthia Mills - Wednesday June 4, 2014
    Fire safety and prevention…I was thinking about this yesterday. Yes, my good friend and fire prevention specialist at our department, Firefighter/Engineer Daniel Byrne , would be so proud of me.  But honestly, I was thinking about it because we...
  • Mills: A Talk With His Battalion Chief: Words I've Never Heard Before

    By Cynthia Mills - Wednesday March 26, 2014
    Last shift, my firefighter was acting battalion chief because his BC, along with much of the rest of the department, was out of town at a week-long training. I was at the station that Sunday evening cooking dinner for the crew, when his BC returned from...
  • Fire Wives Meet at Firehouse World

    By Cynthia Mills - Sunday March 2, 2014
    Wow…Firehouse World.  What a week!  “What?” some of you might ask.  “You’re only a firefighter’s wife.  What would Firehouse World matter to you?” But, you would be so wrong to think like this.  There were actually many, many...
  • Mills: Winter Weather Creates Hunker Down Mode

    By Cynthia Mills - Thursday January 30, 2014
    I’m hunkered down on a frigid winter’s night. All of my girls and my fireman are here with me. I feel like a kid ditching school. Shouldn’t I be working, teaching, or doing one of the many things on my forever to-do list? Maybe, but instead I am...
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