Chris Battlo

Description: Ready, Set, Train - Chris Battlo examines everyday firefighter and EMS training and its impact on fireground operations. He while examine trends from the past, present and future for fire, rescue, EMS responders and leadership.

  • EMS Training? Not Again!

    By Chris Battlo - Wednesday May 15, 2013
    There has been a definite shift toward first responder or medical calls in most areas. No longer can you be a firefighter alone; many departments require you to be a minimum of EMT or have first responder training. Other departments are handling so many...
  • Is Firefighter Communication a Lost Art?

    By Chris Battlo - Tuesday March 26, 2013
    It has been a very busy time around our area. Fire everywhere, motor vehicle accidents are on the rise and medical calls at an all-time high. Does this sound familiar? This seems to be the current trend everywhere. This has given me the opportunity to...
  • Don’t Just be a Firefighter: Take Responsibility for Your Training

    By Chris Battlo - Friday March 8, 2013
    I was listening to a few firefighters talk the other day and they were fussing about the training their department was providing or not providing. One guy asked the other if he had seen the catalog of courses for the fire academy this quarter. Firefighter...
  • Firefighter Training: Slow it Down to Reduce Mistakes

    By Chris Battlo - Monday February 25, 2013
    I have a very high energy eight-year-old that studies and practices martial arts. Recently he was preparing himself for his next belt examination and was having trouble with a few the techniques. In an effort to help him through these problems I set him...
  • Integrate Training to its Fullest

    By Chris Battlo - Tuesday February 19, 2013
    Recently I have had the opportunity to watch several training evolutions. These have been both single company and multi-company drills. Each involved establishing water supply, deploying handlines, conducting search, victim removal and fire suppression...
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