Christopher J. Naum

Structural Anatomy of Buildingsonfire - Chris Naum's blog examines the role of building construction and fire behavior in the stability of structures where firefighters battle fires and rescue occupants.

  • Residential Pre-Arrival: What are your Considerations?

    By Christopher J. Naum - Thursday November 24, 2011
    A video clip of a structure fire occurring in a single family residential occupancy shows, in the first few frames a back draft occurring per-arrival of fire services. It’s apparent there is a developing and progressing fire in the Charlie division...
  • Checking Your Compass

    By Christopher J. Naum - Thursday November 24, 2011
    How much thought and efforts do you place on looking beyond the suggested "routiness" of your response operations? You know, the redundancy, routiness and frequency of typical calls you run, the types of fire you engage in and the manner in which your...
  • Reported Structure Fire with Trapped Occupants: Are YOU Combat Ready?

    By Christopher J. Naum - Saturday November 12, 2011
    Just another day… On any given day, at any given time in the streets, buildings and occupancies that comprise the fabric of our communities and ultimately our response district and first-due areas; the citizens we protect go about their daily...
  • Commercials - Got Fire; Anticipate Collapse

    By Christopher J. Naum - Friday November 11, 2011
    A recent video clip making its way around the cyber fireground clearly depicted a very close-call and resulting near miss event to four firefighters at a four alarm fire involving a commercial building that housed an established insulation manufacturer...
  • Remembering Hackensack and Gloucester

    By Christopher J. Naum - Friday November 4, 2011
    As we approach the July 4th holiday period, two significant LODD incidents previously occurred during this time frame that hold a number of lessons learned related to command management, operations, building construction principles and building...
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