John J. Salka, Jr.

Retired FDNY Battalion Chief John Salka will take a candid look at news and events impacting the fire service in this blog in the weeks between his monthly column 'The Fire Scene' in Firehouse magazine.

  • Salka: Confronting Danger as a Firefighter

    By John J. Salka, Jr. - Monday May 5, 2014
    We hear it all the time, "Stay Safe" or "Be Safe." What does that mean? Well, for starters let's take a look at the definition of safe:  Safe  – freedom from the occurrence or risk of injury, danger or loss. OK, so then what is danger? Here's...
  • Salka: There's Not Just One Way to Run The Fire Service!

    By John J. Salka, Jr. - Friday April 25, 2014
    There’s not just one way to run the fire service and I am tired of being bullied into a “culture of safety!” Now, just stop right there and hold your fire. No, I am not against firefighter safety and survival and reducing firefighter fatalities...
  • Salka: Hydrant Work

    By John J. Salka, Jr. - Wednesday February 12, 2014
    It’s the middle of the winter and we are facing another major snow storm. Sometimes we (all of us) have lots of snow and sometimes none at all. Let's get right to it. Everywhere I go I see hydrants, or should I say I can barely see them. It looks...
  • Salka: Blountstown Fire Video Revisited

    By John J. Salka, Jr. - Monday October 21, 2013
    If you read and or commented on my most recent blog about a video of a fire department operation I have a treat for you. Just a few days after the blog was posted I received an e-mail and a phone call from the chief of the involved department. We had...
  • Salka: Get Your *%$#$% Together!

    By John J. Salka, Jr. - Wednesday October 16, 2013
    I just watched a video of a fire department operation and was amazed at the number and severity of tactical mistakes that were captured by the camera. I am not writing about this operation to be critical of the involved department, but rather to point out...
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