Ryan Pennington

View from the Jumpseat - Ryan Pennington shares his views while riding the back seat of the fire engine in West Virginia. He writes about firefighter safety, tactics, leadership and EMS.

  • Pennington: Do Rural Firefighters Need Better Training?

    By Ryan Pennington - Wednesday August 27, 2014
    Since the early years of my fire service career I have been spent the majority of my time serving in city departments. Occasionally we needed to drop a dump tank or nurse off a tanker, but it was very rare. We also don’t need to wait long for the...
  • Pennington: There's More Than the Fire Service

    By Ryan Pennington - Wednesday August 6, 2014
    What do you mean there is more than the fire service? Having the privilege to share my views on the best job in the world and the ability to travel and teach on subjects that I have a passion for takes countless hours of research and...
  • Pennington: Training to the Tip of Perfection

    By Ryan Pennington - Monday June 30, 2014
    When I sat down at my desk a few weeks back, I discovered a speech given by Admiral William H. McRaven at the University of Texas-Austin graduation commencement. He spoke about his time inside the elite special warfare operations group the U.S. Navy...
  • Pennington: If it Will Be, It is Up to Me

    By Ryan Pennington - Thursday June 19, 2014
    One thing about the fire service is the fact that nothing is given. From the first day you walk into the fire station the work begins. To become a firefighter you must put forth the effort to pass the test, learn the skills and make your way into the...
  • Pennington: What Have You Done?

    By Ryan Pennington - Monday June 2, 2014
    What have you done for your department today? Have you done something today to make your department better? I had never really thought of this concept and how to apply it until I had the honor of interviewing Kentland Fire Chief Tony Kelleher. I asked...
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