Ryan Pennington

View from the Jumpseat - Ryan Pennington shares his views while riding the back seat of the fire engine in West Virginia. He writes about firefighter safety, tactics, leadership and EMS.

  • Pennington: What Can Emergency! Teach Us Today?

    By Ryan Pennington - Thursday February 13, 2014
    Excitement would be an understatement of the emotion that this jumpseater is feeling today. I learned that the Squad 51 and Engine 51 will be at Firehouse World in San Diego next week. This will be my second time presenting to West Coast first...
  • Pennington: Water Crisis Brings Out West Virginia Pride

    By Ryan Pennington - Thursday January 16, 2014
    There is one thing that I have always been proud of and that is being from the state of West Virginia. Until you have the chance to visit the wild and wonderful hills you may not fully understand what it is like to see the beauty and experience a...
  • Pennington: Don't Hook Over Your Head

    By Ryan Pennington - Monday December 23, 2013
    Say it isn't true, but are we all truckies on the inside? As I fight the urge to become something that this jumpseat rider would never could have imagined, it might be coming true. We all have a truck firefighter inside us.  As a proud engine...
  • Pennington: Can Good Firefighters Cover for Bad Officers?

    By Ryan Pennington - Tuesday December 17, 2013
    Walk into any fire station and look around. What you find is a group of firefighters, officers, and chiefs that come from every walk of life and each has a different level of education, experience, and motivation. These different levels can come...
  • Pennington: Let Your Passion Show

    By Ryan Pennington - Friday November 15, 2013
    As I travel around North America teaching about the response to emergencies involving hoarding conditions, one troubling statement keeps coming up.  Firefighters are being ridiculed for being too passionate for the fire service. How could this ever...
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