Recall: The Headlines on This Week

Stories on this past week ran the gamut from civilian heroics to preparedness issues and a failure that may have cost lives.

On Monday as people were returning to work, it was anything but a typical day at the office for those in Building 197 at the Navy Yard in Washington, D.C.

Some were getting breakfast in the cafeteria when a man started firing down on them. The suspect continued his rampage on the fourth floor hunting victims. Thirteen were killed.

Stories about that gruesome day shined light not only on heroics of people helping one another escape a madman, they also pointed to apparent failures including one that may well have cost lives.

"I would say there is a great likelihood that more lives could have been saved," said Gregory Russell head of the National Capital Federal Firefighters. 

Russell was talking about how the radios failed, and they finally had to relay important messages in person.

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When shots rang out at the Navy Yard, the D.C. Fire and EMS Department responded en masse. However, there were no paramedics available.

A D.C. police officer, shot multiple times in the legs, was transported BLS to an area trauma center.

In the transmissions you can hear emergency personnel say, "We currently have a police officer that was extricated from building 197. We are currently putting him in ambulance 30." 

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Also this past week, Good Samaritans teamed up to rescue a man from a burning building in downtown New York City. Watch the incredible rescue

In Alabama, a firefighter’s PASS device quickly alerted his colleagues that he was in trouble. When his mask got dislodged, and he fell unconscious, the alarm sounded and brought help. Read about the incident.

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