Franklin, Ohio Building Fire

On April 17, 2005 at 11:35 am, the City of Franklin Fire Division was dispatched to 8401 Claude Thomas Road Suite 21 for a building fire.

The first alarm sent Engine 16, 17, Rescue 16, Ladder 16 and RIT 21(Rapid Intervention Team) to the scene.

Engine 17 (E-17) was the first to arrive, and they reported a working fire visible from a half mile away with flames showing. E-17 dropped a 5- inch supply line from the hydrant and went to an offensive fire attack.

The business was a office complex, unoccupied, 2- story unsprinklered.

Capt. 17 responded from home and arrived and met with the shift supervisor and established command, and Battalion 16 (shift supervisor Perry) was operations.

After doing a 360 of the building, a second alarm of Engine 11, and 12 was dispatched.

Fire crews worked on extinguishing the fire.

RIT 21 arrived and was assigned to drop another 5- inch supply line to Ladder 16, and deploy for RIT operations.

The fire crews fighting the fire was working to try and gain access to the fire area and was having trouble with all the locked doors. A third- alarm was struck for 2 additional ladder companies which Miamisburg and Middletown were dispatched for mutual aid.

Ladder 16 was working on the roof assessing the situation, which reported no vent hole was needed because the fire was venting itself. The mutual aid ladder companies were assigned to position their equipment for a defensive attack, if needed.

The crews entered the building and opened all doors to assess the conditions and start PPV. The fire was brought under control at 12:15 pm with command reporting a loss stopped.

Investigators ruled that the fire was caused by a mulch fire which spread up the wall breaking the glass and entering the building. The main area of fire had cathedral ceilings and the fire was contained to the area with no spread. The loss was estimated at $50,000.