Michigan Fire Departments Safety and Survival Training

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On April 9th, two departments trained together on an old two story structure donated to the fire department for training of our firefighters.

The Grand Traverse Metro Fire Department and Grand Traverse Rural Fire Department used this house over the last four months for Firefighter Saftey and Survival training.

Safety and Survival training consisted of evolutions such as Window Bail-Outs (first and second floor windows), Firefighter through-the-floor, Wall Breaching, Building Collapse, Working on and above the Fire Floor, SCBA entanglements, and many more.

Over 60 firefighters have received valuable safety and survival training with this house.

Eventually the time came to finally set fire to it for live fire training.

Firefighters new and seasoned were able to train inside this structure as flames roared through the house.

Live fire training is a valuable learning tool, when done right and safely.