Columbus, Ohio Accident Rescue

At approximately 8:35 am on March 29, 2005, the Columbus Division of Fire was dispatched to the scene of an overturned vehicle.

Witnesses were unable to provide a clear location, so an initial assignment was sent to I-670 at I-71. Subsequent calls placed the accident on the ramp from I-70 West to I-71 North.

After being cancelled from a different run, Heavy Rescue 2 was in the area and was on scene within one minute.

Rescue 2 found a Dodge Dakota that had struck the end of the guardrail, rolled, and slid approximately 100 feet on its top before resting on the passenger side. A working extrication was declared on arrival and an additional freeway assignment was dispatched.

Rescue 2 stabilized the truck with wedges and chained it to a nearby tree while Engine 3 setup hose lines for on-scene safety.

Despite the cab being compressed to a height of approximately six inches, the restrained driver was conscious, alert and without any obvious injuries or complaints.

Rescue 2 cut off the roof and completed the extrication within 15 minutes. The driver, who had apparently fallen asleep at the wheel, was transported by Medic 8 to a local hospital for evaluation.

Units on scene: Rescue 2, Engine 3, Medic 8, EMS 11 (EMS Officer) and Battalion 1

The initial assignment of Engine 1, Medic 1 and Rescue 17 also stopped for additional assistance before going back into service.