Two Trailers on Fire in Rockville, Maryland

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March 25, 2005 - As Engine 31 and Truck 3 began sitting down for dinner after clearing a working bus fire on Route 370, Company 3 was alerted to 14500 Block of Southlawn Lane, for two construction trailers on fire.

At 8:48 pm, Engines 31, 231, Kensington 211, Truck 3, Rescue Squad 3, Ambulance 38, and Chief 3-2 responded to the scene in box area 0307. Chief 3-2 arrived on the scene to find two construction trailers ablaze. Command requested the safety dispatch to bring Aerial Tower 23, Engine 331, Medic 39, and Canteen 3. After a circle check by Truck 3 and Rescue Squad 3's officers, it was determined that the best access to the trailers were on side "A" of the property.

Truck 3 and Rescue Squad 3 removed the gate, while Engine 31 stretched a 300' 1 3/4" handline to the entrance of the trailer on quadrant "B." Crews saved multiple construction trucks by backing them away from the trailers upon arrival. After protection of the exposures was initiated, and entry into the trailers was forced, Engine 31 and Rescue Squad 3 were able to enter the left most trailer and knock down the fire.

The second trailer was completely ablaze but was eventually extinguished from the exterior. In addition to the safety assignment, a task force assignment brought Gaithersburg Engine 281, Sandy Spring Engine 402, and Bethesda Aerial Tower 26 to the scene.

Once the fire was extinguished and the fire investigators were through with the trailers, Company 3 continued overhaul and cleanup until after 1am.