Hamburg, New York Trench Collapse Challenges Firefighters

Hamburg, NY- On Tuesday, March 22, 2005 firefighters from Big Tree, Newton Abbott and the City of Buffalo performed a challenging technical rescue. At 14:44 hours Big Tree firefighters were dispatched for a man trapped in trench collapse. First responding units were notified that the man was apparently was unresponsive.

First Assistant Big Tree Chief Chris Zak was first on location confirming a trench collapse with unstable ground surrounding the area and two workers in the trench trying to dig out the male. Assistant Chief Zak advised to the workers to vacate the trench because of the unstable soil.

A male worker was seen buried up to his shoulders about 10 feet down. The collapse had come from behind him pinning him against the opposite wall.

Assistant Chief Zak immediately requested Big Tree Rescue 7 and Newton Abbot Rescue 3 for stabilization struts and cribbing. Also, the City of Buffalo Fire Department