Warehouse Fire Contained in Camden, N.J.

A warehouse fire was dispatched in Camden City at 6th Street and Carl Miller Blvd on July 5.

Battalion 1 arrived and reported a 250x50 two-story warehouse heavily involved with fire through the roof. The 2nd Alarm was sounded on arrival. Crews surrounded the building and set up for defensive operations, picking up water supplies on their way in.

Multiple Ladder Pipes and 2 ½” hand lines were placed in operation. Battalion 1 reported multiple collapses. Crews remained on location well into the night hitting hot spots. No injuries were reported on the fire ground.

During the investigation it was found that a homeless couple was living in the building. It was reported they had a domestic which led to the fire being started. It was reported that an arrest was made and that this event was not related to other recent warehouse fires in the city.