Mysterious House Fire Keeps Houston Firefighters Busy

With multiple calls and a plume of smoke seen from the fire station, volunteers of the Community Volunteer Fire Department, just southwest of Houston, knew they had a big battle ahead of them. And when the report of possible people trapped is reported, firefighters seem to "fire-up" even more.

Fire was through the roof when the first engines arrived at this early evening incident. With the possibility of people trapped and fire spreading rapidly close to nearby homes, an immediate mutual-aid call to the city of Houston Fire Department was requested.

Fortunately no one was trapped inside the home and nearby residences suffered minimal damage. The fire was reported to have started in the kitchen, but may have started outside the house. An investigation is underway.

Approximately thirty firefighters, both paid and volunteer, were able to contain the blaze within two hours. The house is a total loss and only a few items were saved.