Historic Building Destroyed in Oklahoma

Guymon firefighters were rattled awake early in the morning.  

A passerby saw a fire at a business less than a block away and he came to the station and knocked on the door.  Heavy flames were seen coming from the rear of a historic commercial building. 

Firefighting efforts were delayed because of a large electrical line that was burned through and was arcing intensly. 

Firefighters made entry into the building when it was safe, and found the second floor fully charged with smoke. 

Interior crews began venting and searching for fire.  Fire was deemed to be in the attic and crews began pulling ceilings and searching for fire. 

Crews had been inside for 10 minutes when the ceiling began to fall because of heavy fire in the attic. 

Firefighters evacuated and began defensive operations.  The fire loss was about $2M.

This fire came on the heels of two other large fires in the same community.