Crane Smashes Into Building in Cherryville, North Carolina

Part of a 120-ton crane smashed into a building in Cherryville, causing a large portion of the building to collapse.

The crane was making a right turn at the intersection of Highway 274 and Highway 150 when the dolly supporting the back of the crane broke free. The dolly and the crane arm swung around and crashed into Sharon's Home Furnishings.

Fortunately, no one was inside the consignment shop at the time. The store's owner, Sharon Layel, said she's still alive because she decided against going to work early.

The total cost of the damage is estimated at three quarters of a million dollars.

The driver of the crane was given a ticket for failing to secure his load, a $100 fine. The crane's owner is insured and expects that will pay for most of the damage.

Cherryville firefighters stabilized the building's wall to make sure that it doesn't fall onto a house close by.