Electrical Box Fire in East Northport, New York

On Thursday, August 3, 2006, the East Northport Fire Department responded to a report of a electrical box fire in a house being renovated.

Upon arrival of First Assistant Chief Bruce Gosik, the fire had extended up the wall and into the attic. Chief Gosik advised dispatch to reactivate for a working fire and for a mutual aid from Commack FD for one engine due to the 100 degree weather.

Engine 2-10-12 was first in and began an attack on the fire. Engine 2-10-1 was second in and hit the hydrant.

Crews from both East Northport engines and Commack Engine 2-11-12 went to work as Ladder 2-10-2 and Rescue 2-10-3 arrived and was given the job of venting the roof.

Mutual Aid was requested from Kings Park FD for a Fast team in addition to Commack.

Under the command of Chief Bill Gilman and First Assistant Chief Bruce Gosik ENFD responded with 2 engines, 1 ladder, 1 rescue, 3 ambulances and 1 fire police vehicle.