Firefighters Put Quick Stop to Aircraft Fire at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport

At 5:20 PM on April 14, 2004, personnel of the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority Fire & Rescue Department, assigned to Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport, were alerted by the Tower crash phone of a reported fire under the aircraft at the Run Up Block of Runway 1.

All units (Foam 331, Foam 337, Rescue Engine 335, Medic 325, Battalion 301, FM 313, & SERV 329) responded, with Foam 331 (a 3000 gallon Oshkosh ARFF vehicle) arrived in less than two minutes.

Battalion 301 arrived just behind Foam 331 and reported an active fire in the Number 2 engine on an occupied MD-80 aircraft. Foam 331 attacked the fire with foam utilizing its roof and bumper turrets. Rescue Engine 335's crew deployed a foam handline and opened the engine cowling and confirmed the fire was out.

Due to the quick response and action of the fire & rescue department personnel, all 127 passengers and crew were able to remain on the aircraft during the incident. There were no civilian or firefighter injuries.