Forest View and Chicago, Illinois Firefighters Battle Three-Alarm Commercial Building Fire

On Saturday, April 10th at 6:20 a.m. the Forest View Fire Department a suburb of Chicago received a telephone alarm for a building on fire on the 5400 block of 47th Street.

On arrival they had a heavy fire condition. They raised the alarm to a box alarm and then to a 2nd alarm (2-11).

At the Chicago Fire Department 911 calls were being received for an automobile fire on a nearby expressway. Companies arriving in the area were unable to find the burning car but saw the smoke from the fire in the Village of Forest View. The Chicago Fire Department sounded a second alarm (2-11) to assist Forest View.

The building located at 5407 W. 47th Street, the Service Pallet Company, which manufactures pallets. The building measured 300' long by 100' wide. In addition to the building being on fire there were also about 20 trailers on fire. This fire had no exposure problems except for the stock of wood pallets and the trailers.

Long leadouts were experienced for water supply with relay pumping.

Three tower ladders were used as well as the famous Chicago Snorkel Squad.

12 handlines of various sizes were used, as were two master stream devices.

The fire was raised to a third alarm (3-11) for manpower for extensive overhaul.