Pennsylania Firefighters Extinguish Three-Alarmer at Catering Facility

On March 19, 2004, 7:21 AM, Station 20 (Peckville), Station 22 (Blakely), both parts of Blakely Boro. along with a cross-response from Engine 25 (Jessup), and Engine 31 (Jessup) were dispatched for an activated fire alarm in the 1500 block of Main St. in Peckville at Fiorelli's Catering.

Upon arrival of the 22-1 Police Car, the Comm. Center was advised of a heavy smoke condition. This information was relayed to Chief 20 who was enroute. Chief 20 requested that this alarm be redispatched as a working structure fire.

At 7:24, Ladder 20 along with Engine 22 arrived on scene and began working the blaze, encountering heavy flames and smoke from the rear of the structure.

At 7:27, Chief 20 struck a second alarm, bringing two additional trucks, multiple engines, and rescues. Thirteen minutes later, a third alarm brought an additional truck, engines, and rescues.

Companies from across Lackawanna County were called in. In total, there were 5 trucks, 5 rescues, 14 engines, 2 squads, 1 brush, and 1 field communications unit. This included: Peckville (L20,E20,BR20,SQ20,FC20), Blakely (E22,SQ22), Jessup (E25,R25,E31,R31), Archbald (E21-1,E21-4), Eynon (E33 relocated to Station 20), Olyphant (E26-1,E26-4), Jermyn (L58), Dunmore (L6-4), Dickson City (L23), Mayfield (E59,R59), Scott Twp (R36-3), Justus (R28-1), Chinchilla (E2-1 relocate to Station 22), Childs (E60 relocate to Station 20), Dalton (L5 relocate to Station 20), and Jefferson (E29 relocate to Station 25).

The last company, (L-20), cleared at approximately 5:30 PM. Investigators now confirm that this was the work of arson, and the investigation is continuing.