Georgia Bravest Respond to MVA With Entrapment

On April 2nd, 2004 Rescue 16, Car 103, and Engine 26 of Cobb County Georgia, along with Engine 56 and Squad 55 of Marietta, Georgia responded to vehicle rollover with patient entrapment on Interstate 75.

Cobb Rescue 16 arrived on scene first to discover a vehicle teetering on a guard rail with an entrapped patient alive but greatly entangled. The vehicle apparently rolled approximately 3 times, went air-born, and landed upright on the guard rail.

Marietta Squad 55 stabilized the vehicle utilizing medium pressure air bags and wood cribbing. Cobb Rescue 16 employed their heavy duty hydraulic cutters to breach the nader pin and then used to their spreaders to remove the door at the hinges.

Engines 16 and 56 provided additional personnel and resources. Car 103 was command.

The driver's side door was entirely removed and the patient was extricated within 9 minutes from the first unit's arrival. The patient was transported by Metro Ambulance to the appropriate facility in stable condition with minor injuries.