New Jersey Industrial Building Destroyed by Fire

The fire began at 6:00 PM April 5th. It was located on 21st ST. and Nye Ave. in the city of Irvington, Essex County, New Jersey.

There was fire 100ft in the air upon arrival with many explosions reported. The fire was adjacent to the PSE&G lot. Quickly after the fire department arrived, the chief transmitted a 2nd and 3rd alarm bringing mutual from all over Essex County.

The fire had fully engulfed a 100x40 occupied industrial building and was burning through the roof. Multiple fire departments responded bringing ladders, engines, and rescue trucks to the scene. The fire quickly spread to the surrounding buildings due to the high winds. When most of the fire was darkening down, it flared up in the rear of the building which contained several trucks, cars, and propane tanks.

There were 2 master streams, 2 squirts, 3 ladder pipes and numerous hand lines operating throughout the fire.

The building was a complete loss and is currently under investigation.