Odor Investigation Becomes HazMat Incident in Delmar, Delaware

On Wednesday, July 26th, firefighters from the Delmar Fire Department (Wicomico Station 74) were dispatched for an odor investigation on Pine Street in a renovated commercial structure.

Station 74 firefighters and Paramedic Bill Nutter entered the structure and took initial readings which showed a carbon monoxide concentration of 147ppm as well as high readings of sulfur dioxide. The crew regrouped and upgraded the alarm to a hazardous materials incident bringing in mutual aid companies from the west side of Wicomico County.

Upon the arrival of the mutual aid companies and Delmar's Officer 74-19 (Andrew Rementer) handling incident command, crews regrouped and conducted further readings as well as conferred with the gas company.

The culprit source was a forklift operated in the enclosed structure. Crews ventilated the structure, went through decontamination, and took up after about four hours.