Mutual Aid Response to Lengthy Extrication in Fruitland, Maryland

On the evening of July 20, 2006, firefighters from Wicomico County Stations 3 (Fruitland), Allen (15), Salisbury (16) and Somerset County, Princess Anne (5) responded to the intersection of U.S. Route 13 and Stockyard Road.

First arriving units from Station 3 found a minivan partially wedged underneath the trailer section of a tractor trailer carrying chickens. Two passengers in the rear of the mini van were able to extricate themselves. The two front seat passengers were severely trapped.

Crews began patient assessments, vehicle stabilization and extrication. Jacks were used to raise the trailer frame up and off the mini van which was then winched out from underneath the trailer. Due to the lengthy process, thirty minutes in all, the Maryland State Police medevac was special called, subsequently shutting down U.S. Route 13 in both directions.

The Trooper took two priority two patients and ambulances transported two priority ones.

Crews from four departments and two counties worked well to provide a successful outcome.