Fully Involved Structure Fire in Paris, Texas

On Sunday, July 2, 2006, Paris, Texas Firefighters were dispatched at 3:21 am for a structure fire on 3rd Southwest and West Washington Streets.

Initial alarm companies were Engines 4, 3 and 1; Rescue 1 and Command 1. En route, dispatch reported receiving calls for 3rd Southeast and East Washington. This initial 6 block address discrepancy was not much of a factor as Engine 4 reported flame showing while still 2 miles from the scene.

Upon arrival at 409 East Washington, firefighters found a fully involved structure with extension to two vehicles and a structure on the B exposure as well as a vehicle and structure on the D exposure.

First in Engine 4 deployed pre-connect 1 3/4 inch hand lines to each exposure while Engine 1 laid in a 5 inch supply line.

Engine 2 was called to the scene as firefighters attacked the exposure fires with hand lines and Engine 4 deployed their deck gun to the fire building.

The extreme radiant heat resulted in a red line from Engine 4 being deployed on the apparatus on Engine 1, which was directly across from the fire.

The deck gun cooled things down a bit, but the B exposure structure provided another challenge to the firefighters as fire extended into the attic.

After a stubborn fight, the firefighters stopped the fire and cleared the scene at 6am.