Rescue in Front of Little Mexico in New Jersey

On June 2, 2006 at 6:07 pm, Station 349 (Eastampton EMS), Station 509 (Mt. Holly EMS), Station 342 (Ewansville), Station 341 (Eastampton), Station 191 and Medic 31 were dispatched to Route 206 in front of Little Mexico for a Motor Vehicle Accident, unconscious person, and vehicle fire.

Chief 3400 (Polios) arrived to find a two vehicle head on with two trapped, three serious in nature, injuries, and no vehicle fire.

Rescue Engine 3421's crew along with Rescue Engine 1911's crew went in-service with spreaders and cutters removing the driver's door and "B" post of vehicle #1 extricating the driver and turning care over to EMS. Vehicle #1 was resting against Vehicle #2 trapping the driver of Vehicle #2.

Chief 1900 (Bozoski) advised Rescue Engine 1911's crew to hook up the chains to Vehicle #1 and move the Chief's Buggy into place. Vehicle #1 was pulled away from Vehicle #2 making the extrication much simpler. Both patients were removed from Vehicle #2 and turned over to awaiting EMS. Three Aero Medical Choppers were requested and as the third was due to lift off they were grounded due to weather.

Chief 1710 (Pratt) and Rescue Engine 1712 clearing another run were advised by Chief 1900 to take in this run. Chief 1710 and Rescue Engine 1712 established two Landing Zones in close proximity to the accident scene landing South Star and MedeVac 5.

One patient was transported by ground to the local trauma center while the two others were flown out.

Engine 3411 placed a protection line in-service while Engine 1912 and Utility 3419 also responded and assisted at the scene. Medic 33 and Medic 300 were also added to the assignment.

The accident was declared to actually be in Pemberton Township.

Chief 3400 had Command and Chief 1900 had Operations.