Clifton, New Jersey Fire Goes to Four Alarms

CLIFTON, NJ - July 12,2006 -- A fire broke out in a restaurant at 341 Clifton Avenue that engulfed at least four buildings on Wednesday, July 12th, injuring no one, but sending billowing-gray smoke through the air which could be seen for about five miles.

The blaze reported at about 4:30 pm, when a witness heard a small explosion from the kitchen, and then flames and smoke appeared, which quickly spread to the adjacent buildings and apartments.

Clifton Fire Chief John Dubravsky, who would not comment on how the fire started at that time just stated that "the report we received was there was a fire in the restaurant."

The owner stated that his workers tried effortlessly to extinguish the fire but were unable to "stop the smoke and flames." He said, "there was to much. They tried there best, I am so grateful they were not hurt."

The chief was concerned about the adjacent building, and activated Passaic County mutual aid. This brought in several area towns. Besides the restaurant being destroyed by the fire, there was an H&R Block, a vacant store, a mortgage company, several apartments, and some a storage facility in the rear.

The fire was brought under control at about 11:30 pm, and is under investigation.