Decatur County, Georgia Fire and Rescue Services Attend to Damaged Aircraft

Decatur County Fire and Rescue Services in Bainbridge, Georgia was dispatched on the afternoon of June 26, 2006, to a possible aircraft coming in to land with damaged landing gear.

An initial assignment was sent consisting of 4 engines, 1 rescue, 1 command vehicle, and 1 EMS ground unit. LifeNet Air Ambulance was dispatched from Tallahassee, FL and responded to stand by. Approximately 30 career and volunteer fire fighters responded to assist.

The aircraft was reported to have had approximately 15 gallons of fuel left in the tank so the decision was made to circle the airport until the fuel was lower. The pilot made several passes to practice for the emergency landing before the final attempt.

On the final attempt, the pilot did a textbook emergency landing. The pilot and passenger were out of the aircraft withing a matter of seconds. A fuel leak was discovered and the aircraft was then covered with a foam blanket.

There were no injuries.