Quick Primary Search for Child in Salisbury, Maryland House Fire

On Tuesday, June 27th, units from Salisbury Stations 1, 2,, and 16 were dispatched for a house fire on Price Road in the city's Westside. Indications of a working fire were evident due to a visible column of smoke seen from some distance, as well as supplemental information that a child was unaccounted for.

Assistant Chief 1 (Gladwell) arrived and sized up a 1-1/2 story wood frame private dwelling with fire showing from sides A, B, and C. Truck 2 (quint) and Rescue 16 arrived and the initial line was stretched to a side door to stop the extension. The crew of Rescue 16 immediately started the primary search while the line was put in operation.

Engine 161 arrived, secured the water supply, and stretched a 2-1/2" line to back up the first. Engine 1 stretched a third line and knocked down the exterior fire on the porch.

With the 2-1/2 inch line operating, the main body of fire was knocked down. Secondary searches were done, and the results of were negative. The unaccounted for child was later found riding his bicycle in the neighborhood. Units assigned were held for lengthy overhaul, and there were no injuries reported.

District 16-O
E.161, E.16, E.210, E.1
Paramedic 16, Paramedic 2
AirLight 2
Assistant Chief 1
Deputy Chief 1