The New Jersey and New York Volunteer Firemen Association's 93rd Annual Convention

On June 9th, the New Jersey and New York Volunteer Firemen’s Association held there 93rd Annual Convention in Bergenfield, New Jersey.

It was held at Bergenfield High School. There was no parade this year and it was held at 7pm. To start the evening off, they displayed a Demarest's restored 1948 Mack Pumper.

The companies that were competing were Bergenfield Prospect Company 1, Bergenfield Alert Company, River Edge Companies 1 & 2, and Little Ferry's Hook and Ladder Company.

The 1st place winner went to Little Ferry Hook and Ladder, 2nd place went to Bergenfield Alert Company, and 3rd place went to Bergenfield Prospect Company 1.

The guys and ladies that did pull the 1948 Mack said they had a great time doing it and they would like to see it done at more firematic events like wet downs or anniversaries.

After this event, the meeting took place in the high school auditorium. About 150 people attended Lawrence R. Rauch. The outgoing president started the meeting by announcing Marc Field and his sister, Helene, from H&M Leasing (The Gift of Giving) donated $5,000 to the Association. Lawrence Rauch continued the meeting by congratulating the members that were being honored that night and the ones that were receiving scholarships.

It was announced that Robert Kirsch was the President and they also announced officers for 2006. The Joseph Costello Firemen of the Year Award went to Chief Chris Weismann of River Edge. Chief Weismann entered a home himself ,removed the victim to a safe area, and then was met by other firefighters.

The Association was proud to give the unit Citation Award to the Little Ferry Fire Department, and in particular, four brave members: Frank Fuchs, Doug Tobin, Adam, Reinert and Brian Castelli, for their bravery.

Rudy Appeld Service Award, Sponsored by the Hillsdale Fire Department, was presented to George Helfich Sr. of the Secaucus Fire Department. He has held many positions in both the fire service and in town since 1964.

The Citizens Valor Award went to a resident of River Edge, Mr. Richard Corcoran. On July 2, 2005 he made three attempts to find a man trapped in a house that was on fire.

It was then time to present trophy's to Little Ferry, which won 1st place rescue, 3rd place truck; River Edge won 1st place best engine, 2nd place best rescue, 2nd place best truck, 1st place best antique, and won best over all; New Milford won 1st place best truck.