St. Louis County House Fire

On The afternoon of June 14, 2006 at approximately 1245 hours, The Monarch Fire Protection District of St. Louis County, Missouri was called to a reported garage fire at 14713 Mill Spring Drive. While en-route, dispatchers reported several calls being received of a working fire. Also, a radio transmission was received from Spirit Airport's Aircraft Control Tower reporting the loom of smoke from several miles away. A second alarm was transmitted prior to first due arrival. First due engine reported a two-story residence fully-involved. Heavy involvement was at the A/D side of the residence and the fully involved garage with a pickup truck parked inside. Also on fire was a SUV parked in the driveway.

Several handlines were quickly put into service as first fire units were advised of possible trapped occupants. Firefighter's were then quickly notified that the family was accounted for outside of the residence. A primary search was conducted and an "all-clear" was declared on the structure.

Fire traveled quickly through the second floor and into the attic. Interior crews reported intense heat and heavy fire conditions. Fire breached the roof and interior crews were ordered to evacuate the building. Firefighter accountability was initiated. After all firefighters were accounted for and the incident went to a defensive attack.

Monarch Ladder 2292 made a raise and several master streams were used to help knock the bulk of the fire down.

The fire was knocked down in approximately 45 minute to an hour and interior crews returned inside to extinguish hidden pockets of fire and hot-spots. Extensive salvage and overhaul operations continued while the Monarch Fire District's Fire Investigation Unit, began their investigation into the cause of the fire.

An additional ambulance was called with the second alarm for firefighter rehab. There were no injuries to any fire personnel or residents.

The incident was commanded by B/C Goodson on Monarch Fire Protection District's A-Shift.

First Alarm Companies: Monarch Ladder Trucks 2292 & 2242, Rescue Squad 2216 ALS Ambulance 2217, B/C 2202. West County EMS & Fire Engine 3514 and Ladder 3535. Second Alarm Companies: Monarch Tanker 2253, Metro West Ladder 3312 and Engine 3344, ALS Ambulance's 2257 & 223.