Multiple Responses in Salisbury, Maryland

The recent rainstorms that plagued the east coast caused power to be lost in some areas of the city coupled with flooding roads due to the heavy rain. The Salisbury Fire Department was dispatched for numerous reports of lighting strikes, automatic alarm activations, motor vehicle accidents, stranded motorists, and reported structure fires.

At one point all five engines, two trucks, and three medic units were on calls simultaneously. Due to the number of calls Station 3 (Fruitland) transferred two engines to assist Salisbury as well. Within two hours all calls were handled and units were back in the stations.

On Sunday, June 25, Station 16 was alerted for a boat to respond and assist the Seaford Fire Department in Delaware. The entire downtown of Seaford was cut off by rising flood waters. The Salisbury Fire Department responded with Marine 2, Marine 16, and Dive 1. Crews assisted numerous patrons to safety. Responses for the day were tallied as 26 calls within an 18 hour period.