Wilmington, Delaware Building Fire

On this date and time, firefighters were dispatched to the above location after several persons reported a building fire in the area of Concord and Monroe Streets.

First arriving units found a fire in the roof area on the rear corner of a three story brick, occupied, apartment building over commercial occupancy at 2312 N. Monroe Street.

The fire originated in the electrical wires attached to the building, which caused the Fire Department to hold off firefighting operations until Delmarva Power could respond to de-energize the wires.

Firefighters closed down vehicular traffic on Concord Avenue and monitored the fire’s extension until the arrival of Delmarva Power. After the wire was de-energized, firefighters cut away a small portion of the roof and the soffit area, extinguished the fire and checked for any extension.

The fire was contained to that area of the building.

The fire was placed under control at 3:41 pm.

Damage is estimated at approximately $5,000.

Delmarva Power stated they would begin to work on the outage in order to restore power to the homes in the 2300 block as soon as they could assemble a crew. Power was expected to be restored tonight.

Concord Avenue was reopened to traffic at 1615 hours so as to have minimal affect on the rush hour traffic.