North Georgia Firefighters Battle Heavily Involved House Fire

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DADE COUNTY, GA - Sunday, May 21,2006 - 3:53 pm - Several 9-1-1 callers reported a house fire at 18477 North Highway 11. North Dade Fire Department, Trenton Fire Department and the New Home Fire Department were dispatched to the scene. Lieutenant Jamie Powell was on the first Engine in from North Dade Fire Department, he immediately reported heavy involvement to the rear and roof of the structure. Lt. Powell quickly initiated an attack on the rear of the structure with an inch and 3/4 hose line.

When the second fire engine arrived on the scene, crews immediately started an aggressive offensive attack through the rear of the structure in an attempt to gain the upper hand. Firefighters quickly learned that the fire was already well seated in the attic of the house. With the discovery of the difficult task ahead of the fire crews, they would need a large amount of water fairly quickly. That task was addressed rather fast as another incoming fire engine from the Trenton Fire Department brought a supply hose from a fire hydrant several hundred yards down the road.

Intense heat forced the firefighters back out of the structure for a short time while deck guns and master streams were used to knock the blaze down. Firefighters were able to re-enter the structure after knocking the blaze down. Mounting an extremely aggressive secondary attack firefighters were able to bring the fire under control after 45 minutes. Fire crews were able to save a large number of personal belonging including furniture. Unfortunately the structure itself sustain devastating damage.

One woman was said to have been at home at the time the fire broke out. Luckily she noticed the fire early and was able to escape the house without injury. The fire was believed to have started near a TV in the den of the house, but the exact cause is still under investigation.