New York Firefighters Battle Three Alarm Blaze

March 28, 2004 -- Engine 39, Engine 40, Engine 41, Engine 42 and Ladder 20 responded to a report of a smoke condition at 604 Tompkins Avenue in the Village of Mamaroneck at 20:49 hours. Enroute Mamaroneck Police reported, a heavy smoke condition, and all apparatus were advised of a 10-75 working fire.

Upon arrival Car 2241 requested Port Chester FD be relocated to Mamaroneck Village and he also requested a special call for Ladder 21 to the Beach Avenue side of the Structure. Car 2241 reported fire showing from the 1st floor of an approximately 200 x 250 C shaped 4 story Tudor style structure with no sprinklers or standpipes.

Engine 39 Established a Primary Water Supply and Stretched two 3 inch lines to the front of the building for high rise operations, and Ladder 20 was ordered to ladder the roof to begin vertical ventilation of the structure. Engine 40 Established a second primary water supply and stretched an additional 3 inch line to the roof of the structure for roof operations.

Engine 41 established a secondary water supply for Engine 39 and Engine 40, and their crews assisted with the search of the structure. Engine 42 was ordered to the rear of the structure to protect the exposure problem on the #4 side along with Ladder 31 (Port Chester).

Car 2241 requested Rescue 1 (Larchmont) and Utility 446 (Greenburgh CD) for Cascade operations, Engine 64 (Port Chester), Engine 36 (Mamaroneck Town), Engine 240 (Purchase) and Tower Ladder 9 (West Harrison) to the scene for additional manpower and equipment. Car 2241 requested Tower Ladder 24 (Harrison) and Engine 60 (Port Chester) be relocated to Mamaroneck Village for additional Alarms, and Car 2161 (Harrison) requested Engine 191 (Rye) and Ladder 25 (Rye) be placed on standby for all of Harrison