Crane vs. House in Glendale, California

A 30-ton crane in Glendale, California lifting a Jacuzzi into a backyard toppled over, its arm crashing through the houses roof.

Glendale Battalion and four Glendale fire companies including Glendale USAR 29 were called to the scene. Glendale Firefighters stabilized the crane, lowering the cranes outriggers/jacks and spread absorbent litter to soak up leaking hydraulic fluid.

The cranes tipload was reported as 1500 lbs. and the Spa/Jacuzzi weighted approximately 800 lbs. It was reported the cranes operator experienced a strong wind gust that swung the Jacuzzi out in a pendulum effect, sending the crane slowly tilting over on its side.

The Glendale Police Department also responded to the scene for crowd and traffic control. "Sunset Tow," Glendale's Official Police Tow help stabilize the crane. Los Angeles Fire Department's "Heavy Rescue 56" wrecker was also dispatched to assist Glendale Fire Department and Sunset Tow's two heavy wrecker's already on scene.

As Firefighters cleared the scene, a 100-ton crane was later brought in to do the final raising of the 30-ton crane.

Eventhough the house owners may have been "steaming" mad there were no reported injuries.

Cal-OSHA was notified to investigate the cause of the noontime mishap.