Orange County, Florida Firefighters Battle Urban Wildfire

Orange County, Fl. -- Orange County Fire Rescue responded to a brushfire on Central Florida Parkway and Westwood near Sea world at 5:14 pm.

The brushfire, fanned by high winds moved rapidly across approximately 25 acres of brush, which was stopped by the 18 fire apparatus deployed, which consisted of 55 Orange County Firefighters.

Orange County Firefighters in an aggressive response contained the fire and kept it from spreading further and affecting the Hilton Gateway Inn across the street, as well as a Condominium and Sheriff Substation nearby.

Florida's long-term drought conditions have created a dry environment in which brushfires can spread very rapidly.

This condition has caused great concern for the Fire Chief of the department and the Fire Departments as a whole across the State.

Orange County Firefighters are concerned with the extreme drought conditions, water conservation issues, high winds, and continued high drought index.

Orange County Firefighters would like to remind residents to be vigilant and obtain information on preparedness, and prevention of brushfires.