MVC With Entrapment Involving a Tractor Trailer in Odessa, Delaware

Odessa, Delaware-- Crews from Odessa Fire Company, Delaware City Fire Company (Station 15), New Castle County Medic 6, and ALS 22 were dispatched for an MVC with Entrapment on Route 1 northbound in the area of the Bridge.

LT 24 (Davis) was traveling southbound on Route 1 and witnessed the crash, he stopped and gave patient care until BLS crews from Delaware City and NCC Medics arrived. Chief 24 (Getty) responded one minute after the dispatch and arrived on scene to find a four door sedan trapped under the rear of a tractor trailer.

Chief Getty took Route 1 command and advised heavy entrapment with an extended extrication. The patient was alert and had minor injuries. NCC Fireboard advised that viation transportation was down and the closest was in Virgina, DSP Trooper 4 responded at 6:06 pm, after fixing a mechanical problem.

Rescue 4 and Rescue 15 arrived at the same time and the vehicle was stabilized and hydraulic rescue tools were placed in service. Deputy 15 (Finnigan) was rescue operations officer. 4-8C (Boseman) arrived and the tractor trailer was checked for damage and containment of cargo with no hazards found. 24-8B (Billings) stabilized the tractor trailer with his crew from Rescue 24 and assisted with patient removal.

The patient was freed 14 minutes after the first rescues arrived on scene. The patient was transported to CER via DSP Trooper 4 as a Trauma Alert. Units responding: 24-8, B-4, Rescue 4, Rescue 24, A-15, Rescue 15, Medic 6, ALS 22, EMS 3, DSP Trooper 4, Del Dot and Fire Police.