Brooklyn Explosion Rocks New York City

Brooklyn, New York-- On April 30, 2006, the New Jersey Metro Fire Photographers Association (NJFMPA) got a real treat.

It was the end of the day, and they were on their way to the last station, when they saw heavy smoke from several blocks away. One member had his scanner, waiting to hear something, but decided not to waste any time, moving toward where the smoke was coming from.

That's when he heard it was the station they were going to that was on fire. This was the quarters of Engine 207 and Ladder 110 /Battalion 31. The fire had spread from an attached police station.

After arriving on the scene, they could see heavy smoke coming from the roof, and the trucks were all out of the station.

Then there was an explosion from the roof. This was the third one that sent debri flying.

It turned out there were roofers working on the roof when four propane tanks exploded. The HazMat Chief, Battalion 57, ordered a second alarm which brought the following units: Engines 224, 211, 202, 221, Ladders 102, 101, Engine 9 with Satellite 1, FieldComm 1, Tactical Support Unit 1, Battalion Chief 35 as the Safety Coordinator, and Battalion Chief 32 as the Resource Coordinator.

Hazmat Battalion 57 ordered a second alarm, which brought in Battalion 35 "Safety Officer Engs. 224 ,211, 202, 221/ Ladders 102,101, Eng. 9 w / Satellite 1/ Battalion. 32"Resource Unit Leader" Fieldcom 1 / Tactical Support Unit #1.

Several lines were being stretched while ladders were being deployed to the roof.

The fire was brought under control in about 30 minutes, and the hazmat units remained on the scene.

A female firefighter was injured.

An investigation is being done to find the cause of the fire.