MVA With Entrapment in Horry County, South Carolina

Horry County was alerted to a wreck with entrapment on April 25, 2006.

Battalion 1 arrived and confirmed entrapment times three. Chief 3 arrived and established command.

Battalion 1 reported the the patient in vehicle number 2 was DOA.

Engine 40 arrived and went to work. They removed the passenger from the first vehicle.

Medic 34 arrived and transported that patient to Conway ER. Medic 35 entered the vehicle number 1 and established patient care on the second patient.

Command requested Engine 19, Rescue 18 at the same time Rescue 2 marked in route.

R2, R18 arrived and were assigned to cut off the roof by Captain Johnson who was the extrication team leader.

R2, R18, E40and E19 removed the roof with cutters and sawz-alls.

Then one team went to work on the drivers doors.

The second team pushed the dash with a 60 ram on the steering column.

Next a hydraulic pedal cutter was use to cut the brake pedal.

Finally a second 60 ram was used the lift the dash on the drivers side.

The patient was removed and care was transferred to Carolina Life Care who flew the patient to a trauma center.

Then R18 and R2 were assigned to extricate the DOA.

Lt. Davis was assigned extrication team leader.

R2 and R18 removed the driver door. Then the door frame was reset, using the 20 then the 30 ram.

A paratech strut was used to hold the door frame in position as the rams were repositioned.

The strut held the door frame while crews made several pushes with the rams and spreaders. Then the Brake pedal cutter was used to free the victims legs.

The DOA was removed and transferred to the Horry County Coroner.