Pennsylvania Firefighters Battle House Fire

The City of Jeannette Fire Dept. was dispatched to a house fire at 626 Wylie Ave. at 23:13 hrs. Responding apparatus & personnel could see flames from miles away. First arriving personnel reported a working house fire with possible entrapment, 2 story wood frame construction, residential multifamily dwelling. Fire was seen venting through the roof in the rear of the structure upon arrival of the first due engine.

Chief 112 ordered Eng. 112 7 to pick up a hydrant at Wyie Ave. & Broad St. Eng. 7 laid dual 3" lines and fed Tower Ladder 112, and Eng. 112 8. Eng. 8 took the rear of the structure in an alley, and the Tower Ladder & Eng. 7 set up in the front of the house off Wylie Ave. After a search of the house it was confirmed no one was inside and extinguishment was started. The fire got into the roof area quickly and spread the whole length of the house within minutes after arrival. Firefighters kept the fire damage to the second floor of the house, with minimal smoke and water damage to the first floor & basement thanks to the great effort of the firefighters from Salvage 24. Firefighters and Jeannette EMS personnel removed an elderly male, who is bed ridden, when his house filled with smoke due to his house being in the path of the escaping smoke from the blaze. Other companies responding to the call were Air 79-2 (Greensburg), Salvage 24 (Southwest Greensburg).

Stand-by companies were Eng. 61 (High Park), Ladder 87 (Harrison City), and Eng. 21 (Grapeville). No injuries were reported.

This was the third house fire in 2 weeks for the City Of Jeannette Fire Dept. On Feb. 23rd, we responded to a chimney fire at 1010 N. 4th St. First arriving units reported a working fire in the wall, chimney area of a 1 story, wood frame construction, single family residential dwelling. Firefighters remained on scene for approx. 2 hrs until fire was dug out of the wall. The house sustained minimal damage to the first floor. Other companies responding were Air 79-2, Salvage 24. Stand-by companies were Eng. 106 (Grandview), Ladder 87, Eng. 21.

On March 1st, we responded to a house fire at #6 E. Division St. First arriving units found heavy smoke conditions in a 2 story, stone construction, multifamily residential dwelling. Firefighters performed an aggressive attack and the fire was brought under control within 15 minutes. Damage was confined to the second floor, with minimal damage to the first floor ceiling. No injuries were reported. Other companies responding were Air 79-2, Salvage 24, Eng. 21, Ladder 87, and Eng. 106.