Over 100 Firefighters Battle Working High-Rise Fire in Wilmington, Delaware

Wilmington Fire Department units were dispatched to the above location to answer a report of an automatic fire alarm. This call came from the alarm monitoring company.

First arriving units, Engine 6 and Ladder 2 reported smoke showing from an upper floor, possibly #10. Within minutes, Battalion Chief John Hoban arrived on scene and requested the dispatch of two additional engine companies bringing the complement to 5 Engines, 2 Ladders, the Rescue Squad, and 2 Battalion Chiefs. It was clear to all personnel on the fire scene, that there was a working fire that was going to a difficult task to overcome.

As the initial companies began their assignments, ascending to the fire floor, setting up aerial devices, connecting to the standpipes, the front windows shattered and a large volume of fire overtook the initial fire unit.

It was determined at this time that the fire was on the 11th floor. While the units were ascending to the fire floors, there were numerous residents in the stair towers making their way down as per the building