Ohio Crews Respond to Van in Water with Fatality

Firefighters from Liberty, Orange, Concord and Washington Township Fire Departments responded to a call for a van into the water at Sawmill Parkway and Rutherford Roads. Powell PD Kevin Flaharty arrived on the scene first and found three by-standers who had pulled the driver out of the vehicle and onto the top of the sinking van. One of the by-standers was an off duty firefighter for Columbus FD.They initiated CPR and Officer Flaharty jumped into the pond, swam to the van and assisted them in the resuscitation efforts.

Chief John Bernans arrived on the scene and called for additional mutual aid departments. Fire fighters from Liberty Twp. in Boat 321 went to the van and moved the victim to land where they continued life support efforts.

While the medics took over ACLS, firefighters returned to the van and checked for additional passengers. No other passengers were in the vehicle.

Patient was transported to Riverside Hospital by Medic 341 where he was listed in critical condition and later died.