Fully Involved Structure Tests New York Fire Firefighters

West Corners, N.Y. 3-02-04 -- Broome County Emergency Dispatch notified West Corners Fire Dept. of a structure fire at 214 Duke St. in their district. First to arrive on the scene was Asst. Chief Tom Tammarro 29A. He notified Broome County that they had a fully involved structure fire and requested a second alarm.

After verifying that the one occupant was safely out of the house, he could only wait for help as daytime response is usually minimal. Asst. Chief Tamarro notified first due engine 29-3 to set up for a blitz attack on the heavily involved structure. Next to arrive was Asst. Chief 29B Mike Heidi. After conferring with 29A it was determined that a line was needed to protect exposures on #4 side where radiant heat was impinging on a house 75ft. to the east. Again lack of manpower forced 29B to pull a 21/2 line from engine and stretch it to cover the exposure which was now in jeopardy.

The blitz attack knocked much of the fire down and arriving mutual aid companies took over. The cause of the fire was determined by Broome County fire investigators to be accidental, but a delay in reporting the fire allowed it to spread uncontrolled.

Mutual aid Depts. were West Endicott, Union Center, Campville, Vestal and Endicott fire departments.