New Rochelle, New York Rescuers Free Two Trapped in Hotel Elevator

At 3:20 AM on December 28, 2003, the New Rochelle Fire Department responded to the Ramada Hotel for a stuck, occupied elevator.

Upon arrival, units learned two people were trapped in the elevator. This elevator was an express elevator that ran from the first floor directly to the seventh floor. The elevator was stuck midway between these two floors, in the blind part of the shaft.

An attempt was made to extricate these people by using an adjacent car, but the side panel door had been welded shut. The elevator mechanic was reached by phone but was hours away.

Units of NRFD extricated these occupants by using an elevator that was local (stopping on every floor). It was stopped next to the stuck elevator. With safety lines and harnesses, units extricated the two occupants through the top hatch.