Golden Crust in New York Burns to Crisp

On Tuesday the 21st of March, the City of Cohoes struck out a box for a fire reported at 180 Ontario St. Numerous calls were being received for a smoke condition in the rear of the Golden Crust Bakery and Restaurant. Upon arrival of Cohoes police, a confirmation of the incident was given fire department units were requested to expedite.

A second alarm was transmitted when companies operating on the roof were opening up and found heavy fire moving through the ceiling. Shortly after, a natural gas main ignited, and the fire was out of control. A third alarm was struck, then a general alarm. All department units were en route or on scene. Heavy fire was pouring out the rear of the landmark bakery. Patrons inside the restaurant were evacuated when it began filling with smoke.

Conditions got even worse as fire extended throughout the factory like baking facility, and worked through the roof. After an explosion and a collapse in the rear, all firefighters were ordered out and accounted for. The fire attack switched from offensive to defensive as companies tried to 'surround and drown' the fire.

The inferno raged for nearly four hours before the main body of fire had been knocked down. Around 2000hrs, the entire building was lost, as was a house that was next to the building. Troy, Watervliet, Green Island and Albany Fire Departments responded with mutual aide.

Thousands of residents in the surrounding area lost power, cable and telephone services after the fire burned through the lines that were located in the front of the building. It was later determined that the fire originated in a doughnut making machine, and was fueled by the large amounts of cooking oil and grease. No serious injuries were reported.