Firefighters Battle Condo Fire in Caledonia, Wisconsin

During the mid-morning hours of Monday, March 20th, firefighters responded to a fire in the 3700 Block of Cheyenne Court in Caledonia.

Henningfeld (Car 241) was first in and reported a working fire with heavy fire showing from a second floor condo.

Engine 221 and 222 arrived just after the B/C, Engine 221 laid a supply into 222 and several lines were stretched as an aggressive fire attack was initiated. All residents were reported to be evacuated before firefighters arrived.

The balance of the first alarm assignment, Truck 253 and Mt. Pleasant Rescue 133, also arrived. Rescue 133 was assigned to assist with interior firefighting operations and Truck 253 was sent to the roof. They cut one ventilation hole near the peak of the roof and also ventilated several sky lights on the roof.

Interior crews reported they had knocked down the fire in the condo of origin; however there was extension into the attic area. Companies continued to battle the fire using a combination interior/exterior attack to access the fire that had broken through on both the chimney and a portion of the roof.

Overall, firefighters held the fire to two units of the six unit building. One firefighter was reportedly treated for a minor hand injury, however no other injuries were reported.

Additional personnel responding to the fire included Rescue 232, Assistant Chief Roeder, Chief Waselchuk, and Racine Fire Bells Rehab 65.

The cause of the fire remains under investigation; however it appeared the main body of fire was located near the fire place/chimney area.