KFC Structure Fire in Morrow, Georgia

On March 15, 2006, the City of Morrow Fire Department was dispatched to a reported fire at the KFC fast food restaurant on Mt. Zion Road at 10:34 pm.

Command 4 arrived within 3 minutes of the alarm and advised of heavy smoke coming from the B side roof area. The First Alarm City units were on the scene in 4 minutes.

Chief Herendeen arrived within the first 5 minutes and assumed Command of the incident.

The City of Forest Park was already enroute with an engine, and Chief Herendeen immediately asked dispatch to call Clayton County for an Engine and Medic unit.

An aggressive interior attack was preformed once the first due engine arrived.

The fire was already in the attic space and with the history of fast food building of this type, command with-drew the crews and declared a defensive attack.

The fire spread quickly across the roof line and within 5 minutes from with-drawing the interior crews, the entire overhang came crashing down.

It wasn't long after that when the roof fell in with 2 large air handlers.

The City's Fire Marshall