Minn. Firefighters Battle House Fire

About 2pm Sunday Feb. 8 2004, St. Louis Park Mn. Fire/police dispatch received a call from a resident she had a fire in her home, on the second floor.

The house, located in the 3500 block of Quebec Ave. S. is about a 1/2 mile from 'Park sta.1.

Lt 1 who was alone at the station, responded with the quint,( L-1). Immediately he requested auto-aid from Hopkins and Edina, and a city general alarm, summoning call-back and paid-call firefighters to the scene.

The four other duty firefighters were on scene at two seperate rescue calls at the time of the alarm.

Lt.1 arrived first with a report of light smoke from a residence. The owner was out of the home. E-2 and R-1 subsequently arrived after clearing their respective medical runs, upon hearing the alarm.

A two man crew with a 1 3/4" line, made entry to the small 2 story dwelling.

Encountering nothing on the first floor. Advanced to the second floor and were met with heavy smoke and high tempertures.

Meanwhile, additional members secured a 5" supply line a block away, with help from Edina E-81's 4 man crew.

Hopkins E-2 arrived with a crew of 5 and Ch.-2, and assisted in the interior with a second handline.

Crews were encountering high heat levels and a flash over occurred.

The stubborn fire was fueled by contents and tongue-in-groove interior walls. Edina's crew laddered the roof and cut a small observation hole.

Off-duty and paid-call firefighters arrived on 'Park engines 1 and 4 and ut.-1.

'Park chiefs 3 and 4 and Edina's chief 2 and Hopkins R-4 also arrived.

The fire was knocked down in a little over a half hour.

The home owner was transported to the hospital by HCMC paramedics condition unknown.

Overhaul was preformed by relief crews and an investigation begun by 'Park ch.4 ( Johnson) .Units were being released by 3:30 pm all unit's cleared by 7 pm.