Fire on Crowders Mountain in North Carolina

On Sunday March 6, 2006 at 12:16 am "A" shift of the Gastonia Fire Department responded on automatic aid with Crowders Mountain Fire and Rescue to a reported fire on Crowders Mountain.

Responding units were Engines 8, 5, Ladder 1, and Brush 8. Once on scene, units found a fire burning on the eastern slope of the mountain.

Firefighters worked all night to establish fire lines to gain control of the blaze. Numerous fire agencies throughout the county along with the North Carolina Forest Service and officials from Crowders Mountain State Park responded.

At shift change the next morning, "B" shift members from Station 8 went on the lines to relieve "A" shift.

Station 8 firefighters worked on the line all day along with firefighters from CMFR, NCFS, and other departments, building and improving fire lines and trying to contain a slopover as the fire escaped later that day.

Total fire size was about 10 acres.

All firefighters left the line at about 5pm, on Sunday afternoon.