3-11 Alarm Brings Down Mr. G's Supper Club in Chicago

In the early morning hours of February 15th, the Chicago Fire Department (CFD) responded to a report of smoke coming from the rear of a club on the city's south side.

Upon arrival Engine Company 129 reported to the Englewood Fire Alarm Office that light smoke was emitting from the rear of the structure.

The members of Truck Company 50 began to force entry and open up the rear of the 1 story ordinary truss roof constructed building measuring 100' x 100'. Entry was made in the rear and firefighters using thermal imaging camera's discovered hot spots throughout the ceiling; Fire was spreading rapidly throughout the cockloft. At this time the chief of the 21st Battalion requested a box alarm.

Members were ordered out of the building and a defensive attack would be initiated. Fire began to vent through the roof and collapse zones were established.

Fire apparatus in sector 2 were repositioned as the roof collapsed bringing down a good portion of sector 2 wall.

In all, 3 alarms were transmitted, CFD used 8 master streams and 4 hand lines to control the blaze.

The building was a total loss. No civilian or firefighter injuries were reported. Photo's by Danny Shevlin Chicago Fire Department Dispatcher